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Our Basic, Monthly, and Annual subscription packages allow you to advertise your timeshare resale at an affordable monthly cost. There are no hidden fees and you can cancel anytime!

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  • Pay nothing upfront or choose one of of affordable monthly or annual plans!
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Have questions?

Why should I advertise my timeshare for sale with TimeshareResales.com?

  • TimeshareResales.com is a completely new way to sell your timeshare online. We offer three affordable, easy-to-understand advertising plans for anyone who wants to sell a timeshare and maintain complete control of the sale. Our services are hassle-free and pressure-free. You won’t receive phone calls from us every day urging you to sign up or sell your timeshare before you are truly ready, but we will be available the moment you need assistance.

What do you do to help me sell my timeshare?

  • TimeshareResales.com is a leader in timeshare resale marketing connecting with thousands of timeshare buyers every month. A portion of your subscription cost goes toward marketing and advertising to drive buyers to our site through search engine optimization, paid advertising, and other marketing strategies. Our website is designed to drive interested buyers to your property with our inventory search always being the primary focus on every page. Select our Monthly or Annual subscription plans for higher rankings in our search results.

Which plan is best for me?

  • We offer three distinct For Sale By Owner packages to all owners.
  • We offer a no upfront fee option to sell your timeshare! We also offer low-cost monthly and annual plans, which you can cancel at any time. Our Monthly and Annual Plans also feature increased rankings (higher placement) in our search results, offering opportunities for a faster sale.

Do you charge an upfront fee?

  • We have a no upfront fee option! However, our monthly and annual subscriptions are also extremely affordable. In fact, the cost of our subscriptions is among the lowest in the industry for timeshare resale advertising and marketing. A portion of our fees is used to cover marketing expenses to drive buyers to TimeshareResales.com as well as to cover operational costs to maintain the website and marketplace. However, by cutting out the middleman – the timeshare salesperson – we’re able to offer our services to all timeshare owners at a competitive price point.

Can I switch my Plan if I change my mind?

  • If you’d like to upgrade to a plan that offers higher rankings in our search results, simply email us at [email protected] for assistance!

I owe money on a loan I used to buy my timeshare. Can I still sell it?

  • Even if you have a mortgage on your timeshare, you can sell it. Just keep in mind that at the closing you will need to have enough funds to cover your mortgage either from the sale or out of your own pocket. We recommend that you keep this in mind when pricing your timeshare.

How long will it take to sell my timeshare?

  • There is no guaranteed timeframe in which your timeshare will sell. Many factors can impact how quickly you will find a buyer including your ownership details, resort and/or destination, points package, and brand. In addition to the popularity of your particular timeshare, price is the single greatest determining factor in your ability to sell your timeshare. Competitive pricing will always result in a faster sale. Our Annual Plan offers the opportunity to be the first properties seen by buyers on TimeshareResales.com, which can increase the number of offers and inquiries you receive dramatically.

How do I know how much my timeshare is worth?

  • If you purchased your timeshare from a developer or at the resort, chances are that it is not worth as much as you originally paid for it. That being said, the brand popularity, location, season, and many other factors impact the value of a timeshare resale. We can assist you in determining the value of your timeshare with a fair market analysis. Simply email us at [email protected].