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Since its launch in 1982, Westgate Resorts has maintained its status as a leader in the hospitality industry. Currently the largest privately-held timeshare company in the world, 28 Westgate resorts span across the United States, providing guests with comfortable, luxurious, and affordable accommodations no matter where they are. With a Westgate timeshare, you can return to your favorite Westgate resort in one of many renowned U.S. locations time and time again. Learn more »

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If you’re looking for the most affordable option for you and your family to vacation each year, a Westgate timeshare is perfect for you. When you buy with Westgate, you receive access to some of the most beautiful and lush resorts in the world. Sparkling swimming pools, decorative landscaping, and delectable on-site restaurants await your next Westgate vacation. Though no internal exchange options are available for resale properties, you won’t need to go anywhere else — simply enjoy your luxurious suite, swirling hot tub, and unforgettable scenery. If you prefer more flexibility, simply sign up for a basic membership with Interval International to take advantage of more than 2,000 resorts around the globe.

Westgate timeshares are weeks-based, with the option to purchase either fixed or floating weeks. Book your floating week up to 60 days in advance to maximize the opportunities available at Westgate. Additional restrictions may apply. Contact the resort for details, or give our Westgate resort specialists a call today at 1-855-299-3834.

Popular Westgate Resorts

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  • Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa
  • Westgate Leisure Resort
  • Westgate Flamingo Bay at Las Vegas
  • Westgate Park City

Top Westgate Destinations

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